new yorkers
 step back from puddles
 when a car is approaching 
 those of us
 who have been splashed
 in the past

this morning 
i was hoping
 a car
 a cab
 a school bus
 would come close 
 to be
 part of the reflection
 in the puddle 

after a minute or so of waiting
 i thought
what are you doing
 you have to get to the office 

 i settled on this image

shadow play

i love a good shadow or reflection

i do not like spammers

i am sorry
 i am turning on the anti spammer function
 in comments

 they'll go away and i can turn it off soon

thanks for understanding

spring is poppin'

i am fairly sure 
this morning
last night's
 hurricane-like winds
 these blooming trees
 dont look 
this good

mosaic critters decorate

the walls of the 81st street ind line station

the museum of natural history 
inspired the theme
its adjacent to
the subway

walk or run?

never run
too much effort

i do 
walk a lot 
a brisk pace