thanks in advance

i am reposting this article for
Best Friends Animal Society
an organization
my sister and i support and want to help

Best Friends - Save Them All(R)


Let’s find Amelia a home

Nearly a year ago, we shared the story of Amelia, a courageous young cat who had been living in a parking garage in Harlem for much of her life. When a local Best Friends Network Partner took her in and found her a foster family, Amelia was finally safe, warm and adored.

Today, Amelia is still hoping for her a home of her own — and a year is a very long wait for a cat who radiates only gratitude and love. So, we’re hoping you’ll help spread the word about her on social media, or even consider bringing this happy, friendly feline home to your place. 

You might recall that along with her unfailing brightness and happy-go-lucky outlook, Amelia has special needs: a neurological disorder has left her partially incontinent. But the great news is, these days Amelia is only rarely leaking outside the litter box and in small amounts. Still, she’ll always need medication, a high-fiber diet, and most importantly, a compassionate, patient person to express her bladder twice a day.

Amelia adores the fellow felines in her foster home and her caregivers believe she would thrive in a family with at least one other friendly cat. She’s been exceptionally loving and affectionate with humans too — a beautiful girl from the inside out.

If you think you might be Amelia’s special someone, please call Carina at646.456.4797 or email You can also help in a huge way by spreading the word about her on social media.

Thank you so much for caring about pets like Amelia. Your kindness means everything to pets just waiting for that perfect match.

why hello

a little saturday late morning meet up at the crosswalk
upper westside

what do you think?

my friend shelley from canada is in town
she took this photo
on saturday on the lower eastside
she said it was a 'few blocks from allen & houston'
it reminded her of battery!
reminds me of a tin can
what do you think it looks like?

after the frost

learned something
 this past 

gingko trees 
literally drop
every single one
their leaves
the morning
 the first frost 
the season

that's what happened 
saturday morning
entire street
riverside drive
west end avenue
 golden leaves
naked gingkos!

flat on one side?

walking along
lower broadway
 a few weekends ago
i spotted
 those two dogs
 totally relaxed
 the feet
 their owner

toonman and i
our cats becoming flat on one side

remember that, honey?


steam from the underground pipes
 through manholes

its especially noticeable 
during colder days
this past wednesday 
when the temps
 finally dropped out
the late summer level
full fall!